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Miami Dolphins Civilized Discussion :  Phins.com Phorums The fastest message board... ever.
This is a moderated phorum for the CIVILIZED discussion of the Miami Dolphins. In this phorum, there are rules and moderators to make sure you abide by the rules. The moderators for this phorum are JC and Colonel
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Subject Views Posts  Started By  Last Post 
Burrows performance today........ 420  28  TreasurecoastPhinsfan  01/15/2020 05:39AM 
Last Post by pafinfan
Tannehill chucks 50 yd bomb TD pass    Pages: 1 2 501  54  JC  01/14/2020 04:45PM 
Last Post by JC
Jimmy Johnson 193  dolphan4545  01/13/2020 05:26PM 
Last Post by JC
Coaching Turnover Concern 222  SCPhinsFan  01/13/2020 02:45PM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
Pats Lose 335  20  Ken  01/10/2020 05:52PM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
Interesting insight from D Captain Devin McCourty after the game 247  JC  01/07/2020 08:42PM 
Last Post by 808phan
Tannehill vs Brady 355  21  JC  01/07/2020 08:03PM 
Last Post by JC
The wet firecracker 8for15 1 td 1 int passer rating 62 against pats in playoffs    Pages: 1 2 545  56  samsam3738  01/07/2020 08:01PM 
Last Post by JC
Dolphins Fire Three Coaches 393  20  808phan  01/07/2020 04:25PM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
The new year is here/ Happy New Year! 113  colonel  01/01/2020 06:18AM 
Last Post by samsam3738
Howard Arrested 178  SCPhinsFan  12/30/2019 12:21PM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
Dolphins v. Patriots: Season ending game thread 292  19  colonel  12/30/2019 08:46AM 
Last Post by tsstamper
Coaching 431  13  pafinfan  12/30/2019 07:52AM 
Last Post by TreasurecoastPhinsfan
Hurts versus Burrows 174  ChyrenB  12/28/2019 07:15PM 
Last Post by jlyell13
2020 rebuild 261  jlyell13  12/28/2019 07:14PM 
Last Post by jlyell13
Merry christmas and happy new year to all. 127  samsam3738  12/25/2019 03:30AM 
Last Post by mizzou15
Bengals v. Dolphins: Game Day Thread 194  11  colonel  12/24/2019 01:24AM 
Last Post by jsm08
cheering for Giants 287  12  jlyell13  12/23/2019 03:02AM 
Last Post by jlyell13
Ballage    Pages: 1 2 1,339  59  Fins72  12/22/2019 04:10AM 
Last Post by mizzou15
1st pick 328  11  jlyell13  12/18/2019 04:59AM 
Last Post by TreasurecoastPhinsfan
Draft 343  jlyell13  12/16/2019 07:41PM 
Last Post by jlyell13
Phin extend parkers contract 224  samsam3738  12/16/2019 12:51PM 
Last Post by pafinfan
Dolphins v. Giants: Game Day Thread 239  10  colonel  12/16/2019 11:30AM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
Patriots spying again 250  ChyrenB  12/16/2019 10:00AM 
Last Post by colonel
3 games left this season 358  20  colonel  12/13/2019 06:11AM 
Last Post by mizzou15
Ryan Tannehill one of the best bargains of the off season?    Pages: 1 2 3 946  67  TreasurecoastPhinsfan  12/12/2019 05:19AM 
Last Post by samsam3738
Dolphins v. Jets: Game 2 rematch thread 327  21  colonel  12/11/2019 10:48AM 
Last Post by samsam3738
Current Draft position    Pages: 1 2 863  51  Fins72  12/11/2019 10:19AM 
Last Post by Rgphin
Playing with House Money    Pages: 1 2 768  50  Fins72  12/06/2019 06:37PM 
Last Post by TreasurecoastPhinsfan
Eagles v. Dolphins: Game Day Thread    Pages: 1 2 535  32  colonel  12/05/2019 06:46PM 
Last Post by ChyrenB
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