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          Re: Vote for your Explanation
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Re: Vote for your Explanation
Posted by: FootballGod ()
Date: September 30, 2014 04:40AM

TreasurecoastPhinsfan Wrote:
> FootballGod Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > This board is too much man. You guys have more
> > drama talk than football. Sometimes you act
> like one you get treated like one. drinking smiley
> You serious have issues
> > with multiple identity posters? Why doesn't a
> mod
> > just ban them?
> Recently I arrested a guy who robbed a 87 yr old
> great grandma. Walking out of Wal-Mart he just
> grabbed her purse and kept running. Several
> passerby's jumped on him and held him to we
> arrived. I asked him, "WTF did you do such a
> thing?" His answer?
> Because it was easy..........
> Basically you have assholes in this world who
> can't be trusted to ever do the right thing. I
> guess its job security. eye rolling smiley here it just is what
> it is. But if you think your fooling anyone , LOL.
> Aholes? Yes. Smart? NO. yawning smiley

Fooling anyone? Dude what are you talking about? How am I attemting to fool anyone?

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Re: Vote for your Explanation 1062 TreasurecoastPhinsfan 09/30/2014 09:34PM
Re: Vote for your Explanation 1105 dolphin 10/02/2014 05:34AM

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