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The Ghotirule
Posted by: DolfanKing ()
Date: June 05, 2013 07:40PM

Some have said I'm a past poster. I am. I am The Ghotirule. DolfanKing is The Return of The Ghotirule.

Just read a post that said I was banned. I wasn't. Also read another post that said I quit because of MikeyO. Also untrue. But keep the myth going.... Gotta love the rumors.

So why am I back with different name and bad attitude about this team?

Because this team is truly in the crapper, and people need to know it. The management is horrible, and its moves have been way more hype than substance. Unfortunately this garbage will have to go on for a few years more before people really wake up. This GM is on the Matt Millan plan. In the many baboozeled will continue to shout down anyone that points out the flaws. Do you think it didn't happen that way in Detroit? Think again.

I've been posting regularly on another board for a long time now. And with some of the nut jobs here treat new posters, I've got no interest in getting too involved in this board, beyond pointing out the obvious flaws in the current management.

I will say that this board has gone down hill a bit for the good days, and I think that was because folks let the pure rudeness of MikeyO get in the way of good discussion. Some of you are still real good correspondence, but most of the good discorse has left. Too many posters are now self proclaimed Dolphins zealots that maintain MikeyO's rudeness in the name of the greatness of this team (one that still hasn't been able to turn in a winning season in years). Oh, and the couple nutjobs that are just here to argue and possible email a death or two... sadly they will never leave.

Anyway, I can completely see why not a lot of new posters show up since I returned as DolfanKing - many of you probably turned them all off. You people should learn a few manners. It was MikeyO's attitude towards other posters - no matter how "right" (and he was wrong about almost everything) - is why people disliked the guy.

I hope you all good luck. I hope the Dolphins good luck. But I don't see anything happening for this team in the long term. Get used to losing. With this ownership, the only solution is for enough fans to get pissed about it, and from what I can tell, that is still a couple years off. Unfortunately, the team may be moved before then.

And Chyren. I know you aren't a judge.


Miami Dolphins. Always Perfect.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/05/2013 07:42PM by DolfanKing.

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