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Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: December 22, 2021 06:39AM

The news that he won't be playing the rest of the season came as no surprise. But, it accentuates the sting of the misuse of FA dollars over the past couple of years.

I know that - just like with the draft - you don't hit on all of your FA signings. But, they come with the kicker of knowing you nearly always overpay, even if you get near the performance you expected.

I've liked the approach of shorter FA contracts that you can get out of early if needed...but I hadn't anticipated that Grier would cut so many so short. KVN, Shaq Lawson, Flowers, Fuller... I'd say KVN & Flowers served a purpose of setting a tone or bringing some stability to the OL, but the purpose doesn't nearly bring them to a level of acceptability within the greater context (for me, at least).

When making a purchase of investment, I always think of NBA (next best alternative). And, sometimes, I look back and wish I'd assessed the alternatives differently. In terms of these decisions Grier made, I genuinely think he should have been able to foresee how things played out with Flowers, Lawson and Fuller. I'd have done without signing Flowers & Lawson, replacing Flowers with a FA OG 1/2 his price or less knowing you'd get a worse replacement but the savings would be worth it. For Fuller, I would think he would have known - at least heard whispers - that there are the nature of personal issues that lead to him not even attending practices when injured so he can be as engaged and potentially valuable as possible. And, for that case, I would have done a "take it or leave it" offer based pretty heavily on playing time incentives. I feel like the other guys at least gave full effort...Fuller, from what it sounds like, just took the $10M and checked out.

It's tough enough for me to think through what I think I would have done with the guys we ended up signing. I can't really project how (or even whether) I would have deployed the cap $$ in an alternate past reality a la Back to the Future II. But, I definitely think there were opportunities for Grier to see some at least somewhat obvious things and the chances of him deploying it more effectively pretty decent.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/22/2021 06:42AM by tsstamper.

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Re: Fuller
Date: December 22, 2021 07:27AM

Excellent post. All that dead money on free agents no longer here. We need that for players that contribute like Giesicki and Ogbah. Even TE Smythe.

We need to be smarter when hitting that Oline next off-season.


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