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          Another horror thriller coming: Dolphins v. Bills
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Another horror thriller coming: Dolphins v. Bills
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: October 27, 2021 03:32AM

After coming off loss #6 our Dolphins travel north to play the Bills. Defensively, it doesn't look very promising. Offensively, I see improvement in O-line play and Tua hitting Gesicki and Waddle to move the ball down the field. However, (there's always a however, or a but) the Dolphins are facing a very good team with a very good QB and receiving corps and the Dolphins stayed pace with a bottom feeder this past Sunday and lost.

Flores, when interviewed, has no answers that he may have to improve all facets of the Dolphins game. Many guys believe the problems flow downhill from ownership, management to the coaches to the players. Some believe, letting experienced players on the team last year to go, left team leadership lost in space.

I believe the top of the organization makes far too many bad judgment calls from talent assessment and selection of players, coaches, and recognizing the roll of experienced players that help coax and mentor younger players on the team. They get it wrong way too often.

Unless the Bills destroy their own momentum with bad plays and turnovers because they take the Dolphins for granted, Flores will, once again, throw his headset down on the ground in disgust as the game ends in Buffalo on Sunday.

Despite this dose of reality, I am hopeful that we continue to see improvement with the offense. As for the D, it continues to be a grimace, head shaker and eyebrow raiser.

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Re: Another horror thriller coming: Dolphins v. Bills
Posted by: mizzou15 ()
Date: October 27, 2021 04:09AM

Sadly I think this team is ready to collapse. The Watson/Tua drama is probably the last straw. Im not hearing a lot of players rallying behind Tua. I see nothing with the phins to establish a fulcrum and turn this negative situation into a positive force to build on. Nothing. Strong coaching can make up the lack of leadership. None of the young 'leaders' (Baker, Howard, Gesicki) or veterans (Davis, Rowe, Jones) have stepped up. IMO the lamentation of lacking veteran leadership is the latest excuse from this team. Coaches can lead and others should have taken the opportunity to step up. Is Flores stifling leadership development with his 'my way attitude' and establishing that as a hard rule w/ the Minka situation? Take a talented and smart player and pack him off because he questioned you? Pack this guy off, send him back to New England.

Yes management should be held responsible. Time for Grier to go. I will continue to say not for personal but for hiring Grier and squandering the picks that we collected for the 2021/2022 drafts.

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Re: Another horror thriller coming: Dolphins v. Bills
Date: October 27, 2021 04:16AM

Looking at the schedule a few weeks ago Miami had some very winnable games.We lost two of them and after giving The Buffalo Bills almost 100 points in the last two games.....this was not considered winnable but we were hoping Miami at least made a game of it.

After the last two yrs I'm not feeling so confident we can. But we can learn from it.

Watch the way Buffalo finishes a play on defense. They follow through. The hits come hard and fast. We can do that but we need better coaching. Miami should reach out to fellow Veterans JT and Zack Thomas. Show them what they looked for on game film. Show them the angles you took when tackling. Teach them some Jon integrity. The importance of keeping fit . Has Dan Marino helped out? I'm not there so I can't say but I hope so. Miami needs help. That's apparent. Looks like a new QB is in the future. That will be a huge upgrade but Miami needs more then just a new QB.


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Re: Another horror thriller coming: Dolphins v. Bills
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: October 27, 2021 08:07AM

Would absolutely love to know how these things go down - who's making which decisions, who's on board with them and to what extent, etc.

When the 2020 FA period started, I was pretty sure we'd get Byron Jones and was not the least bit surprised we got KVN. The pickup of Shaq Lawson for $10M/yr was a head-scratcher for me, but his college coach was the DL coach, so I supposed the thought was he might be able to get more out of him. Flowers at $10M/yr was likely a consolation prize for missing out on what were probably our top 2-3 other options for vet OL. For me, it was weird when we signed the last 2 guys...and felt like compounding a mistake in letting them & KVN & McCain all go. Looking back, I think if we had not signed Flowers & Lawson, we would have more likely kept KVN & McCain. On defense, it seems our issues have been at LB, communication in the backfield...and overall, I think we miss their veteran leadership on the team as a whole. While coaches may have pointed recently to the exodus of player leadership, we've suspected it to be an issue since they made the moves. Lemon juice in the wound, KVN was blindsided & pissed when he was let go which speaks to dysfunction that likely has a lingering impact after the event itself.

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