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Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

When Ted Ginn, Jr first came to Miami, I was astonished, but not disappointed. After Brady Quinn fell on the draft boards like the Stock Market last fall, I figured – like nearly everyone else – that the Dolphins would grab him right away.

Now, I was not particularly happy with Brady Quinn as a pick. He reportedly had problems with accuracy, had a reputation for not playing well in big games and was one of the most arrogant college players I had ever seen.

Still, the Dolphins had a major need at quarterback, so I figured that they would jump at the chance to take Quinn.

So when it was announced that the Dolphins had selected Ginn over Quinn, I was as surprised as anyone, but – like I said – not disappointed. I knew very little about Ginn, other than he was a small speedster from Ohio State. And Cam Cameron – an offensive football expert – liked him immensely.

And they had another quarterback in their sights – John Beck.

Cam Cameron tried to make it clear that they were not expecting Ginn to be a serious contributor at wide receiver right away, but that he hoped Ginn could return punts and kickoffs, which Ginn did. As a rookie, he more combined yards that any other offensive rookie in Miami’s history and returned one punt for a touchdown – along with two other touchdowns that were called back because of penalties.

I often wonder if he’d gotten as much venom from the fans as he did if those two penalties had not erased those two touchdowns. He probably would have – the fans wanted Brady Quinn and nothing was going to change that.

Today, however, it looks like Cam Cameron – offensive genius or not – made a mistake in taking Ted Ginn, Jr in the first round. It has become clear in his third season that Ted Ginn will never be a truly dominating player. Yes, he is faster than almost anyone in the league – in a straight line – but his size, his hands and his route-running leave him as a supporting receiver at best. When the game is on the line, he does not come through.

His failure to come down with that potential game-winning touchdown pass against the Colts and his two drops in the last quarter yesterday are both indications that he does not have the talent to be the game-breaking threat that the Dolphins hoped he would be when they drafted him.

He could be a very good number two receiver and he can definitely stretch the field with his speed, but he doesn’t make the tough catches when most needed and he doesn’t fight for the ball very well.

So I’m afraid it’s time to declare that the Dolphins do not currently have a number one wide receiver. I have always liked Ted Ginn and have thought that he received more criticism than he deserved. And I think he has a place on the team as the number two or three man, running the deep post and sideline routes. But he is not the guy to jump up and fight the defensive backs for the ball or go over the middle in traffic for the tough catches.

So, because of that, it’s time for the Dolphins to start thinking about who that will be. It may turn out to be Brian Hartline – perhaps the second biggest surprise of this year’s draft for Miami. Or perhaps Patrick Turner will start to play well.

But whoever it is, the Dolphins probably won’t find him this year.

However, they do need to find him….

…On Porpoise.

Curt "DOLFAN in St. Petersburg" Fennell
Godfather, Phins.com

Post by curt on September 28, 2009 09:16AM


Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

Spot on, lets not forget that it is reported that Mr. Tuna had opportunities to upgrade the wide receiver position during the offseason but declined saying the Dolphins don't need a dominant wide receiver. Mr. Tuna would you like to rethink that position? I think you should.

Post by looters on September 28, 2009 09:39AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I agree with you wholeheartedly. He is not a bad receiver - but is best suited for a complimentary roll. I didn't buy all the hype that Pennington was a noodle-arm having watched him throw a number of 50 YD bombs over the past 3 games. I don't know that Henne will make a difference. I even question Ted's ability to get the tough catch because he has failed on numerous times this year. Right now, Bess appears to be our best receiver; and he was an undrafted player. He is not a scrapper though. I would prefer to see bigger (non-smurf) guys. Turner looked good early in camp - I guess he needs to come off the inactive list.

Post by scarroll on September 28, 2009 10:07AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I agree,I have been saying this very eaxct same thing for a while, before the season started.

Ginn will be better served with a big WR on the other side.

What's up with Turner?

Post by markeyh on September 28, 2009 11:24AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

Seems like Bill Parcells (and Tony Sparano) are both old school - pound the ball, don't make mistakes and only pass when you have to.

That used to work very well - but it doesn't any more.

As for Pennington - he can throw the deep ball, but what he doesn't do very well is throw the "frozen rope" or "laser" (however you want to call it). He doesn't seem to get a lot of velocity on his passes.

Curt "DOLFAN in St. Petersburg" Fennell
Godfather, Phins.com

Post by curt on September 28, 2009 11:26AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I have no doubt that approach works but our Defense is not as good as it needs to be for that to work perfectly. (See Manning)

Word is Chad P is out for the season. Class act!

I wish him well, I hope he will mentor Chad P and help him prepare for the rest of the season.

Post by markeyh on September 28, 2009 12:07PM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I agree that Ted is a #2, but he's not a good enough #2 to justify the money he's making. If there is any market for him (Raiders? Ravens?), I would be OK with unloading him for even a mid-round pick. Is his contract up this year or next? As for Chad P., I wish him well as he is truly a warrior! My concern for Henne however is he has no downfield threat whatsoever, which is bad for a young strong-armed QB. Also, why not give Cam Wake the rest of the year to acclimate himself to the NFL? JT has clearly lost a step. Thanks for the forum. RG

Post by ranger on September 28, 2009 04:01PM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I have to more or less agree with curt on this although im not ready to give up on him.

He definetely hasn't shown he is # 1 starting material. He has shown flashes at times. And he is eratic as they come. But until he gets shipped to another team i will comtinue to suport him and hope he can turn it around.

If henne is the real deal and ginn continues his eratic play then i will give up on him.

But first i wanna see what he can do with henne which is supposed to be a strong armed QB.

Post by samsam3738 on September 29, 2009 05:28AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

You said it all right there...keep the info flowing. We'll be at the game Sunday, as always, let's see what Henne can do after a week with the first team...

Post by fpdolfan on September 30, 2009 01:29PM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

Sorry to say that I cannot support Ted Ginn as ANY type of receiver on this team. As a kick returner, yes, but as a receiver, maybe the last guy off the bench. This was a (1st?!)round draft pick by bonehead Cam Cameron, who showed he is NOT a good HEAD coach,ever! he said he drafted "the whole Ginn family" with that pick. Did he owe that family for a bad football bet, or something?! This team is looking like the Jay Fiedler (ugh!) team,whereas we had no true weapons on the offense,and just "dink-n-dunk" all the time, while wearing out our running backs. We have 2 real Gamers @ possession receivers (Hess and Camarillo, But without a 'real' weapon on the outside, we don't scare anybody with our offense,and opposing defenses do not have to adjust. I have faith that Henne will eventually become a good Quarterback, but until we get some true #1 receiver, it's gonna be a struggle.

Post by sirius on October 03, 2009 07:13AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

Johnny Madden once did a great job of explaining why changing teams could spell the path to stardom for some while for others it was the road to nowhere. His explanation was exactly on track with Curt's column. It explained the effects of going from a team where the player might be miscast as a #1 to a team where the missing link was a good #2 or #3 and visa versa.

The reason the trifecta still has Ginne is because they see a proper role for him in their passing attack when they get it sorted out. You can't tell a hell of a lot on a TV screen, but, it really looked to me like just presence Ginne and Henne, on the field together, had a loosening affect on the D. What was the first play from scrimmage? If I'm right that's something no other receiver has done yet.

IMO we lost two excellent receivers because coaches couldn't cast them correctly. Don't lose another.

What we need is for pissed off fans to get off Ginne's back and stop bitching because he isn't someone they wanted.

For example, Ginne is constantly criticized for running out of bounds or taking a slide rather than fighting for that last two or three yards. He weighs what, 150 lbs? Instead of 15 yards and a first and 10 they want him to take on multiple defenders, stay standing, gain another 2 or 3 yards while being stripped of the ball. If he even tried that he would be on the IR list.

Did the Dolphins overpay? Probably. Is that any of our business? Absolutely not. Ginne is what he is and when we find out what that is he'll be damned good at it. Until someone comes along to do better, the challenge is to make him productive. His brand of speed is unique. Learn how to use it.

Post by Dolphinsstclair on October 11, 2009 06:57PM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

I believe Hartline is a good #2...and Bess is a Great #3 slot....so Ginn should be traded to Arizona for Boldin. Probably have to give up a #3 draft pick too.

Post by gateshop2@sbcglobal.net on January 17, 2010 09:23AM

Re: Support Ted Ginn - For the #2 Spot

No love/hate, just a football assessment.

Ginn is what he is. A fast guy with value, that can't really play football & has a flat learning curve. I sure hope he becomes consistent & trustworthy at something!!! We need the help!!

Meanwhile, Ginn holds a roster spot because we're rebuilding & there's lesser players on the team.
Ginn's days are numbered at his current level of play ... & will be shoved off the roster by future talent.

BTW, why compare Ginn to Quinn? ... there were GOOD players to be drafted at #9!! Most teams had Quinn pegged, that's why he fell & was now traded. Ironically, Quinn's plight is the same as Ginn's ... flat learning curve taking up a roster spot. tick tick tick tick!!

Go Phins!! Cheers, JerryD

Post by JerryD on April 06, 2010 07:36PM

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