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          TUA gets it................
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TUA gets it................
Date: July 02, 2022 11:02AM

Wow TUA just went up a few points in my book. read this comment he made yesterday:

"Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said on Tyreek Hill‘s podcast that he wants to improve his team’s fortunes, and make the Dolphins the biggest thing in Miami.

“It means a lot playing for the Miami Dolphins,” Tagovailoa said, via the Miami Herald. “At one point, the city of Miami revolved around the Dolphins, because the Dolphins were really the only professional sports team that was out here at one point. And then the Heat came in, the Panthers came in. But really that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to re-establish the culture back here in Miami."

I haven't heard a player say that in decades. Shows TUA is a fan and not out of touch from a person outside looking in. He GETS it. MIAMI lost its shine. The city wouldn't budge on a stadium. Gave The Marlins everything they asked for. Heat just got new digs too.

But you have to win to get respect. TUA gets that. He knows what position hes in. The team is in. Hes not on cloud 9 buying a Ferrari for his uncle. IO LOVE that attitude and hope it wears off on players even as big as Tyerek Hill. From what I read he's really grounded also.

Miami seems to be leaving the egos at the curb. TUA is anyway........


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Re: TUA gets it................
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: July 05, 2022 10:52AM

I think he truly is grounded, and his personality - not that I know him personally - is one of the reasons I root for him. I'm not naive enough to think that you can win with a team of absolute angels, but I have wondered occasionally whether I'd rather go the rest of my life w/o seeing the Phins hoist the Lombardi 1x or have a team I'm proud to root for year in & year out that never quite gets that ultimate prize. A false dichotomy for sure, but, I suppose it shows how important it is to me to have folks I can feel good about rooting for.

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Re: TUA gets it................
Date: July 05, 2022 11:11AM

No doubt. Im SO friggin happy we stayed away from Watson. Browns are so screwed. Texans deserved him.

Amazing how much 7 months can change things. After our last game I thought we were done.
This should be an interesting camp. smileys with beer


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Re: TUA gets it................
Posted by: Rgphin ()
Date: August 28, 2022 06:14AM

He look like dan marino on that first drive against the eagles. Not expecting that all the time but expecting something close to that. His development depends on the oline. Keep him healthy.

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