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          Free agency so far.....
Free agency so far.....
Date: March 23, 2022 05:08AM

Just a thread to keep it organized :

Sign LT Terron Armstead
Re-sign DE Emmanuel Ogbah
Tagged TE Mike Gesicki
Sign G Connor Williams
Sign RB Chase Edmonds
Sign RB Raheem Mostert
Sign WR Cedrick Wilson
Sign QB Teddy Bridgewater
Sign WR Trent Sherfield
Sign FB Alec Ingold
Sign CB/ST Keion Crossen

I'm really excited mainly because McDaniel didn't come in with a wrecking ball. This team is mostly intact from last season. Weak areas addressed with elite talent.

From what I've been reading , Duke Johnson was let go because he's not a blocking RB. That seems to be McDaniels
Pre resiquite on offense. I think we might actually be turning the corner on offense.


Re: Free agency so far.....
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: March 23, 2022 07:11AM

As I consider it in summary, I like that everything seems to make sense so far in terms of the folks you listed. Makes sense to keep Ogbah & MG (at least for 1 yr). Makes huge sense to upgrade OL and also to bring in WR, RB/FB & QB that can hopefully integrate into his system.

My concerns (and they're not massive):
- quite a bit of injury history among the new adds
- not sure of what to think of the many re-signs outside of Ogbah & MG. On one hand, will likely maintain some consistency in familiarity. On the other hand, sometimes it can lead to a little complacency.

Obviously, later FA and the draft will continue to shape the team, but my primary concern now is what the coaching staff can do with the talent assembled. I'm optimistic, but the AFC is tough and our schedule won't be so kind, I imagine, as it was last year.

Re: Free agency so far.....
Date: March 23, 2022 07:26AM

Recent reports have Miami heavily pursuing Tyreek Hill.eye popping smiley

While Armstead dented the wallet.....Hill is gonna take the whole damn thing!!


Re: Free agency so far.....
Date: March 23, 2022 07:37AM

Further proves that $200 million contract paid to Mohomes is starting to hit home.


Re: Free agency so far.....
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: March 23, 2022 10:01AM

I'd say that it has probably been since the days of Wannstedt that I have seen this many blue-chip or potentially blue-chip players on the same Dolphins team, and I actually think we could have more right now if some of our key young players continue to develop.

Then: Ricky Williams, Madison, Surtain, ZT & JT with Chambers and McMichael and most of our OL players being above average.

Now: Armstead, Hill and Howard are legit blue-chippers. I believe Waddle & Holland have legit near-term blue chip potential and Ogbah and Gisecki have been top 10 in their positions pretty reliably the past couple years.

While I think the elite-ness of the very best players on the team then was better than today's collection, I think the overall talent of the non-elite is better today.

Very interested to see what the coaching staff can do with this mix and what Tua can or cannot do with this collection of skill players and what looks to be a much-solidified OL.

Re: Free agency so far.....
Date: March 23, 2022 12:25PM

I agree I haven't bought a Jersey since Tannehills first season here. (old logo)

My boys each got a Landry Jersey. But we haven't had a face for the franchise or anyone worth it since.

Giesicki didn't sign so I'm not investing in a guy that may sign elsewhere. OGBAH is a definite possibility. Hill just signed today but I can hear them firing up the presses and pumping those out soon enough. This group has the potential to be great.


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