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          The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: steviec13 ()
Date: January 04, 2022 03:37PM

Zach Krantz and Joe Rose are both idiots!

Listening to both Krantz and Rose over the last 2 days, it is disappointing that these guys are on the air.

Calling for Tua’s head after he goes 7-1 over his last 8 games is just pathetic!
He definitely had a poor game, and playing in cold wet weather did not help.

Let’s go over Tua record this seasons games:

Game 1 : Tua victory over New England
Game 2: Tua got injured early…loos goes to Brissett
Game 3-5 all losses to Brissett….is that Tua’s fault?
Game 6: Tua brought the Dolphins back, and had them in position to win the game. Flores blew this game, by not playing press defense with 5 secs left on 4-9
Game 7: TUA LOST TO AtL after bringing them back in the 4th quarter 12 points down. Defense could not hold. (Not Tua’s fault)
Game 8: Tua, lost to Buffalo
Game 9-15: 7 game win streak led by Tua!
Game 16: Tua loss to Tennessee in bad weather. No excuses. A bad performance.
Game 17: ???? So? What if Tua blows out the pats? Then what?
Will Tua be criticized by the media?

Point is that Tua’s record this season was:

8-4 where 2 losses were the defense’s fault. He could realistically be 10-2. That is better than almost every QB in the league!

Let’s see what he does against New England before passing judgement.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: January 05, 2022 08:46AM

I didn't catch what Joe Rose thought about the game, so I can't respond to that at all. However, I've watched every Dolphins game for years without interruption and do believe that Tua is lacking in one critical area--arm strength.

With a subpar O-line that provides hardly any time for receivers to get down field which prevents medium to long pass plays, the game callers began using the quick cuts and outs that could be thrown for completions then relying on Waddle (for the most part) to gain yardage after the catch. Waddle became Tua's go to man because there was no time as mentioned above. Moving the ball down the field worked repeatedly with the Tua-Waddle connection. Add a bit of inclement weather and a better than average opponent and the connection was considerably limited. Based on my observations, without a very good offensive line that provides consistent run and pass blocking prowess, Tua will never develop beyond average-- because he can't throw for distance.

Bob Griese didn't have the strongest arm, but it was stronger than Tua's arm. His success was based on a strong run game mixed in with passes to great receivers. Marino had a fast release and a very strong arm plus a duo of amazing receivers and others to spread the ball around. His offensive line was quite good too.

There have been super strong throwers and they failed for other reasons and were soon out of the game.

I hope for the best in the upcoming game against the Patriots. The Patriots have improved and they are not the same team we faced early on. So too, the Dolphins have improved...so it could be a very competitive game. The Patriots coaching staff (I surmise) are looking closely at how the Titans thwarted Waddle limiting his ability to get free and run for many yards after the catch as he had done in previous games. They are also looking (I surmise) at why Devonte Parker isn't targeted more often and watching how easily it is to defend him, since he catches many balls against his chest rather than catching with his hands and pulling it in to secure. Gesicki is also being looked at carefully (I am sure) and see that he is not really a TE but a tall WR. He doesn't block well on the line if in that position and his blocking down field isn't anything to write home about. He is not the threatening TE other successful teams put on the field.

You know what...I hope that my observations are totally wrong and that Tua becomes the exceptional QB we hoped for. I would like nothing better. In the meantime, I have serious doubts about his development with such a subpar O-line. Better center and RT are needed as starters.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Date: January 05, 2022 10:17AM

colonel Wrote:
> You know what...I hope that my observations are
> totally wrong and that Tua becomes the exceptional
> QB we hoped for. I would like nothing better. In
> the meantime, I have serious doubts about his
> development with such a subpar O-line. Better
> center and RT are needed as starters.

Of course you do. We all hope he proves us wrong. My boys love him so I was really hoping for him to light it up.

But I think the writing is on the wall. He had his moments this season.
And he's got heart. But my gut tells me he's not the answer. I think unless another great opportunity falls in our lap we give him another season and concentrate on that oline.

If he gets hurt or doesn't stop throwing into coverage....2023 we have 2 picks in the first round for the best QB available.


Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: January 05, 2022 11:46AM

I used to think things like arm strength and accuracy were sort of "whatever God gifted you" and relatively immutable.

I don't think that's entirely the case, though the gifting is certainly more than significant. I believe many have said that both Brees & Brady had improved their arm strength over time, and Josh Allen (among others) has improved accuracy by leaps & bounds.

The questions, then, might be:
- how weak is his arm
- how much can it be improved
- how long will that take

It may be that it's so much weaker than Brees' (for example) that it can't be improved to an acceptable point...or would take too long.

I don't really have a good idea one way or the other on the improvement side (how much/how long). I can say that it's easy to see that he's certainly bottom 1/2 and probably bottom 1/3 of starters in the league regarding arm strength. One bit that has stood out to me is that he seems to demonstrate a better ability to throw long distance when that's the play called than he is when it's a broken play and he's throwing long on the fly. I think that's just who he is - someone who can really master plays and maximize his potential therein, but on the flipside struggles throwing when things are off script (funny, it seems that's when his running becomes a stronger part of his game).

I'd say I agree with the notion that if you're moving away from him, it better be because another great opp has fallen in our lap. Moving on for the sake of moving on typically isn't very fruitful and can result in some seller's remorse. He hasn't earned the right for the Phins not to be looking for improvement options...but we could definitely do worse.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: captkoi ()
Date: January 05, 2022 12:03PM

I have previously stated my thoughts on Tua, so....

I am hoping the Miami brass does not (again) entertain the thoughts of trading for D. Watson. Nothing against his talent, but Miami will have to give up way too much on draft picks and pay his salary. At present, Miami, I believe, has the second highest dollar amount for the upcoming season. I think it is $78M. Watson's salary is $35M. Miami would also lose much of their draft, both the 2022 draft and the 2023 draft. Miami has too many holes to fill.

Look for a good veteran to give Tua competition, and in 2023, grab the best QB available. In the meantime, shore up our OLine to give Tua time to throw the deep passes. Let's see what he can do behind a good OL and surround him with RB and WR talent.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: Hooligan2 ()
Date: January 05, 2022 01:43PM

Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel had a good article about the rebuild, too bad I can't post the link.
The gist of the article, Miami did a three year rebuild to get a team that's less potent than the one led by Jay Cutler three years ago. Ouch.
5 1st round picks over two drafts and we're still an 8-8 team.
Any organization that has to tank to get their QB is probably too stupid to be able to build a good team around him, on and on. Dave Hyde is one of the best sports writers in South Florida.
Nobody's going to get fired for picking Tua over Herbert because Ross made the pick and now he wants to get Watson.


The Clown Show Continues


Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: January 05, 2022 04:59PM

With our last game on the horizon, it is the O-line that must step up and provide 2 seconds more time after the snap so receivers can run their respective routes and Tua can do more than "dink and dunk" on almost every passing play. We, the fans, his teammates, coaches and talking heads need to see another side of Tua. Tua needs time.

Stepping it up by the offense also means holes for our RBS to hit so yardage is gained so on 3rd down the team is not facing an obvious passing situation. I'd like to see, "second and 5" "3rd and 1" then "1st and 10". Repeat. Then mix in play action.

Put the running game together and the passing game will improve...this is not quantum physics.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: January 05, 2022 05:02PM

Post draft sour grapes. We should have drafted Creed Humphrey and that would have been a great foundation at center. Oh well.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Date: January 06, 2022 04:11AM

Just to add a bit of contrast to the conversation, and I have to say....the conversation has been killer here lately!! I'm learning a ton from everyone........lots of knowledge here!

But I think it's easy to just crap on the team , (and they do deserve it!)Especially on that awful Oline and all the past high draft picks spent on it.

But Miami has put together a heck of a defense.its not all bad news. And Someone above said going all in for Watson is a bad move because we have too many hole to fill. Do we? Imagine this same exact team and just add Watson. We are a 12-4 team easily. Maybe more. We beat the Jags,the Colts The Falcons , and Raiders with Watson easily.

Not saying Miami is superbowl bound but we are vastly improved with a player like Watson. We can fix the special teams through the draft and the oline through free agency if we can resign Ogbah and Giesicki and move forward.

Just a thought. Watson is one direction we can take. Waiting until 2023 is another. Don't let those first round draft picks fool you. The Pats havnt had a Sub 20th first rounder for yrs. Even had a few taken away. First rounders don't make Superbowl champions.Good picks do. And those good picks could occur anywhere in the draft. On defense we have done our homework. Time to call in some talented scouts pay some people for expert advice on our Oline. Those talented people on that side of the ball are there and we miss out every year. That needs to stop if we want to be elite again. Pats always seem to make the right picks. Why?

Let Flores lead this team . He can win.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/06/2022 04:14AM by TreasurecoastPhinsfan.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: Hooligan2 ()
Date: January 06, 2022 05:50AM

As I see it, trading for Deshawn Watson is a lazy man move. Why pay multiple 1st rounders and who knows how many 2nd rounders for a guy that cost the Texans only one 1st rounder to begin with. If your front office is doing their job they should be able spot the next potential superstar through meticulous research, analytics, interviews, basically just doing your job. Herbert was there for the taking but, Miami was too fixated on Burrow and the little guy in the hospital gown to see what else was there.
The Texans were a 4 win team the last season that Watson played but, somehow he's going to automatically take the Dolphins to the play-offs? With multiple 1st round picks exiting the building can we really trust Grier and Ross to get it right this time? Why not just do your jobs and put a muzzle on Ross.


The Clown Show Continues


Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: January 06, 2022 08:21AM

I do think Flores has done a good job overall of leading the team, and I believe he'll improve in the areas where he needs to. In large part, I think that improvement comes via improved staff around him.

I don't think Jeanpierre and rookies/2nd year guys + not-talented-enough vets was Plan A when this process started 3 years ago. I actually think we would be light years ahead of where we are if a couple of chips had fallen our way:
- Caldwell could have remained in his role that he was hired into when Flores started
- one of the blue chip options of Scherff or Thuney had not been tagged in 2020.
- we'd been able to make the move that were rumored to have been trying to get up to draft Tristan Wirfs (TB got him cuz it seemed SF didn't want to miss on Kinlaw so wasn't willing to drop to 18)

I think Caldwell could have helped us avoid the merry-go-round of OCs and OL coaches and perhaps brought not only stability but legitimate coaching talent.

The 2020 OL FA stuff just sucked. I knew that Flowers was sort of a consolation Plan C guy when none of the studs were available on the open market. I had wanted either Thuney or Scherff and Conklin as sort of the non-elite but still legitimate OL FA in 2020. I think that would have helped the Robert Hunts and Austin Jacksons settle in and hit the ground running better. Obviously, Wirfs would have been a better pick than Jackson so far.

Can you imagine if our OL is well coached in a stable system and is Jackson-Thuney-Karras/Deiter-Hunt-Conklin...or swap Wirfs for Jackson? And we don't have to carry an $8M cap hit just to get rid of Flowers after paying him $11M for a season's work as Plan C in 2020?

All that said, it's spilled milk. And I only document it to show the importance of Flores getting legitimate help on the offensive side. Whether Tua's the guy or not, it benefits the team and whoever's at QB for us to have better talent at both the coaching and player levels on offense, especially OL.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: astro34 ()
Date: January 06, 2022 08:30AM

A few thoughts......
1. The Dolphins win streak started after the trade deadline and all the Watson take went away. (and please keep Watson a distant memory)

2. I wonder if Tua's hip injury has contributed to his lack of arm strength. Meaning , it is possible that he cannot rotate around his hip or have as much freedom in the hip since the injury and this is causing a decrease in velocity. We all know power comes from the hips and rotation, I believe it is still affecting him.

3. We need New Orleans to win and San Francisco to loose this week in order for Miami to get a first round draft pick outside the playoff teams. (We have San Francisco's pick)

4. Find the best offensive line coach you can find and pay him lots of money to coach for us. We have the players, I think they need to be coached up.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: January 06, 2022 08:57AM

Astro34, your second point about lack of arm strength possibly due to the hip injury is sound. Perhaps, Tua has not fully recovered and that's why the Dolphins are putting in Brissett on QB sneaks (or 4th and 1) situations. If that's the case, a non full or 95% recovery matters and truly effects Tua's ability to reach his potential.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: Rgphin ()
Date: January 06, 2022 09:33AM

Tua is done. His arm strengh is nowhere near as good as it needs to be.

Due to all the injuries hes had, its not his fault.

This last game against the titans he prooved to have a noodle for an arm. Hes done.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: socalphin ()
Date: January 06, 2022 10:19AM

steviec13 Wrote:

> He definitely had a poor game, and playing in cold
> wet weather did not help.


Being able to perform at a high level in wet, cold weather is a prerequisite for being a legit NFL QB.
The last month of the season, and the playoffs are in months where wet. cold weather is the norm.
That's why anyone with a brain wanted us to draft Herbert over Tua.
Overlooking the physical tools necessary for a QB to play bad-weather football is inexcusable on the part of Chris Grier, and that was proven last Sunday.

Re: The Dolphins Media are a Joke!
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: January 06, 2022 02:23PM

Today I received a phone call from my oldest friend. We've known each other all our lives. Regretfully, he is a Patriots fan and a Tom Brady fan. He called to wish me Happy New Year but also to kid me about the Dolphins game against the Titans. He was clearly ribbing me about the game to push my buttons. Laughingly I told him he was correct, the Dolphins offense does stink. And...watching the Dolphins each year is like watching the movie "Groundhog" where the same things happens repeatedly.... He agreed with me about Tua lacking arm strength and I of course kidded him telling him he threw just like Tua (both throw left handed). He got a chuckle out of that. He also thought that the Dolphins are sure to be in the market for another QB and referenced Russell Wilson. I can't picture Wilson in a Dolphins uniform, but maybe he Wilson can. winking smiley

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