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          Titans are next
Titans are next
Posted by: captkoi ()
Date: December 28, 2021 12:00PM

Well, the Fins made it seven in a row. Our D is a playoff D; our O is just good enough to beat the mid- teams.

That big int that Tue threw vs the Saints, has to stop. He has done that too many times this year. Not gonna be able to overcome those ints against good teams, ala Titans and Patriots.

Am I blaming Tua for thos ints? Some of them yes, and some of them no. He has to play smart, but at the same time, as everyone knows, he, at present, doesn't have an OLine that can give him enough time to throw those deep balls, thus Waddle and Parker are not being used properly. I have a feeling, after last nights game, that Parker will be gone after this season.

Tannehill next week. I always pull for him to play well, but not this Sunday. I hope the Fins' D crushes him (not injure him, tho). Here's hoping Sam's version of Tannehill is on the field. cool smiley

Re: Titans are next
Date: December 28, 2021 05:07PM

Sam's version of Tannehill doesn't exist. He's a top ten QB that's only as good as his team. Most QBs are. Luckily his best asset , RB Travis Henry is injured. I think our defense can have a big week but they will need to step it up.

Our Offense gets back 2 starters on the Oline and can be successful against the Titans D. The Saints have a killer D and we were able to move on them.


Re: Titans are next
Posted by: mizzou15 ()
Date: December 29, 2021 03:30AM

Stop the run game, pressure Tannehill we should win this game. Tannehill is not the qb that can bring his team back from a deficit so I hope the defense continues to be aggressive and attack.

QB coach really needs to figure out what Tua is seeing in film sessions. Trying to drop the ball in to a WR w/ 3 guys around him was just stupid.

OL are who they at this juncture. Eichenberg needs to get nfl strong in the offseason and Jackson is just so damn slow to pick up a secondary target. He is strong as an ox wen he gets on his man but slow to get his head around and look for a target when he has no one in front of him. Davis is finished.

Titans are missing some guys in the front 7 on D so the OL should not have the same problems as they had with the Saints who have a damn good defensive front 7.

Shut down the run you shut down the Titans.

Re: Titans are next
Date: December 29, 2021 06:45AM

Reports are Travis Henry might be active on Sunday. Hopefully he's rusty or still hurting some. Miami will need the corners to play well so they can stack up on the line.


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