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          Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Date: November 30, 2021 05:47PM

To be honest. Of course I'm glad TUA is doing better, he's finding a way to win.

But I'm Glad because I still don't think he's a long term answer. Both ankles, both wrists, his hip, his ribs....and he's not even 24 yet?

But Maybe we can still get a high 2nd rounder. Maybe even another first if he keeps it up. He's not the long term answer.

If Flores is having a change of mind then I truly hope I'm wrong. But TUA won't be in the NFL in 3-5 yrs. That's just my opinion. Miami still needs to find a better option.


Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: December 01, 2021 02:50PM

Tua is doing better. Certainly so in the last game. He had a good percentage of passes caught--that's positive. Yet, I don't see him progressing enough to become a franchise QB. His weaknesses--arm strength and injuries will hold him back. I see another RG3.

If a better QB option becomes available (not Watson) or shows up in the draft, the Dolphins need to be in the hunt.

Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Date: December 01, 2021 04:10PM



Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Posted by: tsstamper ()
Date: December 02, 2021 09:04AM

I'm with you on injuries. It's tough to fathom the idea of him being so good that we can afford to have him miss a handful of games/yr, year after year. That's what the small sample size shows so far, but it could be losing him for entire "rest of the season"s or worse.

On the arm strength side of things:
1. I think it can be improved, so the question is to what extent and can his arm be improved "enough"? Brady & Brees didn't have notable arm strength coming is and both have been wildly successful by capitalizing on the many other aspects of playing the position. And, both became effective at attacking all parts of the field over time.
I'm not saying Tua can reach their level, but thinking of arm strength within the overall context of playing QB. Montana, a notoriously "not exceptional" arm, said something like "it's really just getting the ball where it needs to be when it needs to be there", implying timing, anticipation, deep knowledge of the offense and even pocket presence were what allowed him to do that in spite of his arm's limitations.
2. I do think that there will be games where his arm strength limitations prevent him from putting the team on his shoulders and single-handedly carrying them to victory with a last minute drive where the defense is forcing super tight windows. So, for me, the question becomes whether he can become so good at what he does well that - combined with improving his arm strength to the extent that it can be improved - it minimizes the impact of this reality.

As I type the names I have, I also recognize that each of them were paired with generational offensive geniuses.

Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Posted by: Rgphin ()
Date: December 03, 2021 04:47AM

All we need is to start well and we will make playoffs 2 or 3 years in a row.

The start of the last 5 or 6 seasons hasnt been very good.

Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Posted by: Rgphin ()
Date: December 03, 2021 04:55AM

Also for the record count me in as saying tua is not the qb of the future not because of his ability but because of injuries.

His body is shut. He has gotten way to many injuries too early in his career and that takes a toll.

Kudos to the O Coaches who draw plays to get the ball out of his hands quick with screen passes and short 3 or 4 yard passes.

There is no time for waddle to go on a deep route. Else tua will get hammered and injured often. Although waddle did dominate on that panthers game.

I still believe this Oline can get stronger and better as they are still relatively young. They have been getting bullrushed way too many times and thats a strengh issue.

We will see what happens in the future.

Go Phins.

Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Date: December 03, 2021 01:49PM

We need a stud center. Not a guy who can play Center and move to the right or Left. A STUD CENTER. CENTER. Nothing else. A mountain of a man who has good hands and can get the ball quickly and securely to the QB and then block. One that can recognize defensive blitzes, call them out . One that can help create holes and a path for our above average RBs. It's a priority. Has been since we lost Pouncy. And he was not nearly as good as his brother. But he was adequate.


Re: Panthers v Dolphins: Game Day Thread
Posted by: Rgphin ()
Date: December 06, 2021 10:58AM

A great center will help a lot yes. Just a little tweak to this oline and it can make wonders. They are playing better lately. At least for the passing game. Still need to open up some lanes for the run game.

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