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          Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: November 05, 2021 12:47PM

Should the Dolphins sign Beckham Jr.
This poll has expired. Voting is no longer possible.
5 votes were received.
Odell Beckham Jr. won't add performance to our offense; No way. 0
Odell Beckham Jr. is too pouty and will add more drama to the team; not worth it 4
Odell Beckham Jr. will be a plus for our offense, nothing to lose now 1

Will Fuller is a bust. Preston Williams not too far behind. What about signing Odell Beckham Jr?

We know he performs. He could be just what we need to make the passing game a threat.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: Hooligan2 ()
Date: November 05, 2021 04:10PM

He's a Diva besides, he likely would only want to play for a contender.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Date: November 06, 2021 03:54AM

We need to concentrate on RE signing Giesicki first.....

Winning a Championship is one thing. One day hopefully. But one thing this team is really lacking are players we love and root for. The last time my boys wanted a team Jersey is was for Landry then we traded him.

Now they have TUA #1 and he may be out the door. We don't hold on to people anymore. We never won it all but going to see JT or Zack Thomas made up for it. This team is lifeless.

Resign Giesicki, OGDEN.


Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: pafinfan ()
Date: November 06, 2021 07:48AM

I need to know the price tag first.

And the drama level.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: Hooligan2 ()
Date: November 06, 2021 10:02AM

Miami only has about 1.5 million in cap space left besides, Detroit will likely have first shot depending on the results of this weekend's games.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: jlyell13 ()
Date: November 07, 2021 07:26AM

Diva, oft injured like Parker

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Posted by: 808phan ()
Date: November 08, 2021 06:00AM

Now way he'll come here to play for a bottom dweller. First off, we obviously don't have a good enough QB. Secondly, we don't have a GM or the coaching staff to make this team a winner.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.
Date: November 08, 2021 09:55AM

Did TUA hurt his finger carrying that clipboard?

He may need to take Calcium supplements. His bones seem to beak like that character in the movie Glass.........


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