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          Dolphins held hostage by Stephen Ross
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Dolphins held hostage by Stephen Ross
Posted by: socalphin ()
Date: October 31, 2021 01:11PM

As long as Stephen Ross owns the Dolphins, the Dolphins will always suck.

Im stunned this dude ever made a dime, based on the how he runs his football franchise. When it comes to football, he's a completely clueless stooge.

I knew we were first in trouble when he hired Mike Tannenbaum.

Then I knew we were in even deeper $#!T when Tannenbaum promoted Chris Grier to GM, and Ross was cool with it.
So much for an exhaustive search for the most important position of an NFL organization, the GM.
Tannenbaum just stuck his fat head out his office door, and tapped Chris Grier for the position, after never doing jack crap during his entire tenure with the Dolphins.

How in the hell was Ross good with that hiring??
Because he doesn't have a F-ing clue when it comes to building a successful NFL franchise.

So until this goofy-ass nerd of an Owner sells the team, it will always look like it's run by a goofy-ass nerd of an Owner.

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Re: Dolphins held hostage by Stephen Ross
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: November 01, 2021 06:18AM

Socalphin--please tell us what you really think. grinning smiley

I am still laughing....Ross reminds me of the wannabe hotrod, gear head. You know the guy that wants a fast, cool hotrod but has no knowledge of heads, porting, cams, and ignition et al. However, his desire to own one of these cool, fast hotrods burns in his gut. So, with money saved, the wannabe goes out and spends a bundle on a cool hotrod but has no idea what to do when something goes awry. He has no tool time experience so he looks for others to do the work. Rather than ask experienced gear heads with cool hotrods, he hires a guy or two who goes through the motions. He has no &*&^% idea what they are doing if anything and the car still is never fixed and soon becomes a garage queen.

That's Ross with the Dolphins. He always admired owning a NFL team but never took the time to educate himself so he knew what to do when it came to hiring top and winning management.

The only positive thing is that he has spent money to try and get it right. But once again, his wannabe status kicks him in the butt.

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