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          Playing for the draft. Season over.
Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: samsam3738 ()
Date: October 03, 2021 02:10PM

Get rid of grier. Try and draft a real qb in 2022.

Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Date: October 03, 2021 03:04PM

Dolphins did alot of wheeling and dealing. We dont own alot of our picks. #1 and 3rd round are from the 49ers. They are currently 2-2 . So wishing to suck for the draft this year is pointless Sam.Wish for the 49ers to suck.

First Round

San Francisco 49ers’ selection (2021 trade back)

Second Round

Miami Dolphins’ selection

Third Round

San Francisco 49ers’ compensatory selection (2021 trade back)

Fourth Round

Miami Dolphins’ selection
Pittsburgh Steelers’ selection (2021 trade back)

Fifth Round

Miami Dolphins’ selection

Projected: Compensatory pick (DL Davon Godchaux)
Sixth Round

Miami Dolphins’ selection
Pending: New England Patriots’ selection (Isaiah Ford trade)

Seventh Round

Tennessee Titans’ selection (Isaiah Wilson)


Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: October 04, 2021 03:50AM

If we assume that there is talent on the team...we need to upgrade the coaching staff to improve the level of play as a unit. Rather than hope for a star getting picked in the draft, we need to hire FA players that are starters and pay them to get them. Tua is a fragile QB and his value to the team has diminished greatly. He's not the QB we thought (or some thought) he would be.

Getting rid of Fitzpatrick was another mistake. Brissett is NO Fitzpatrick substitute.

It seems that whatever cockeyed player decision the Dolphins come up with, the better solution is to do the opposite. Continual bad decision making.

Damn, I am one frustrated, long time, Dolphins fan.

Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: samsam3738 ()
Date: October 04, 2021 04:54AM

Exactly tcpf.......Colonel weve allbeen frustrated for a long time.

I want us to win as many games possible but its real hard to root for a team that struggles so much.

Hope 49ers dont win another game....its not like thay are 4 and 0 either.

Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Date: October 04, 2021 07:14AM

Another good point was with Minkah Fitzpatrick. He was traded to Pittsburg and immediately made an impact there.
Pittsburg now has arguably the best defense now in the NFL. They DESTROYEDthe bills opening day. Minkah was considered uncoachable. Hes a Probowler now in Pittsburg. Draft picks don't mean anything if we can't put these players in a position to be successful.


Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: Ken ()
Date: October 04, 2021 07:59AM

Jakeem Grant should be fired immediately and in the off season we have to get a quality offensive coordinator. What we are doing right now just isn’t working and the coaches seem to not have any answers. I’m not ready to throw the towel in on Tua or Flores yet. But we have to add another QB this year, because we don’t know about Tua yet and Brissett is not doing us any favors. He should be replaced at a minimum. If we don’t see improvement as this season wears on and next year then it’s time to start discussing another coaching change. You long term members here know I’m a big proponent of continuity and not making coaching changes every couple of years but we are getting worse every single week now and NOTHING is changing that… Gotta shake up the roster and cut somebody to regain the attention of the players.

Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: captkoi ()
Date: October 04, 2021 02:01PM

I (sorta) agree concerning Brissett. He is definitely not starter material, however....whomever the OC is who is calling the plays, needs to open this up. True, Brissett didn't do much in the first three quarters, but once the OC opened up, THEN Miami started moving. How about our OCs just start the game and finish the game with explosive plays? Going downfield will open up the running game. I truly believe Miami could turn this ship around and get back on course.

Re: Playing for the draft. Season over.
Posted by: pafinfan ()
Date: October 04, 2021 05:15PM

Watching the Raiders-Chargers game.

And Miami picked Tua.

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