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          More Rules of Engagement
More Rules of Engagement
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: June 18, 2018 08:53AM

Attention all posting members of the forum--

JC and I have conferred about the baiting and insults that go well beyond teasing on the forum. We don’t believe valid discussions should degrade into petty arguments and differences of opinion that hi-jack the topic. Such behavior is all too common and tends to dissuade others from visiting or posting on the forum.

As moderators, it is our job to monitor what is posted and to address matters when things go awry. We are now at a crossroad, and it is up to all of you to refrain from posting comments that goad others into making embarrassing, insulting and often child-like insults.

Any and all comments that JC and I believe are counterproductive to a thread will be subject to removal. This not only means a sentence or two of insulting or berating comments but the entire post. In fact, it may result in all posts between the bickering parties being removed. Removing entire posts will not make many of you happy. However, it is the cost to pay for not acting civilly with others.

We further add that suspension from posting could likely result should these rules not be followed.

We close by thanking you for your understanding and cooperation.


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