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          Rules of Engagement on the Forum
Rules of Engagement on the Forum
Posted by: colonel ()
Date: November 24, 2014 03:48AM

Discussing the Miami Dolphins is a topic we all embrace. Fans want the team to win but often we are very disappointed with a loss or how the team loses. Emotions run high and it's easy to forget the fact that this forum is a privileged one and there are posting limits or restrictions for all members.

Agreements and disagreements about play happen and discussing them openly is great. However, there will be no swearing and use of profanity permitted. There can't be any racial slurs, name calling, or abusive rhetoric directed at another poster(s). Comments that state, infer or attempt to insinuate that a Dolphins fan who posts is a phony Dolphins fan will not be tolerated. Comments made that attempt to incite others to react may be considered trolling words and such words or posts will be removed or posts deleted.

One's politics or religion is not appropriate on this forum either.

Topics and posting comments that do not comply with these civilized rules will be removed by Curt, JC or myself. Repeat violators will be subject to suspension or barred from participating.

Please govern yourselves accordingly.


Re: Rules of Engagement on the Forum
Posted by: davdoldew4 ()
Date: November 10, 2015 09:38AM

Sounds very fair to me, you have my vote, so to speak.

Tip of the ole hat, Sir !!

Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.
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