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Dolphins News: McDuffie Is MVP
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Dolphins News: McDuffie Is MVP
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Team News

Jun 04, 1998: -- McDuffie Is MVP --

** McDuffie Selected MVP of 1997

OJ McDuffie was selected as the Dolphins' most valuable player at the Dolphins annual awards banquet last night, Dan Marino won the team leadership award and Jason Taylor was voted as the best newcomer for the 1997 season. The MVP is voted on by sportswriters of South Florida and the leadership award is selected by the team players.

In 1997, McDuffie caught 76 passes for 943 yards and two touchdowns and was Marino's favorite target last season.

** QB Camp Continues

In action on the field yesterday, Patrick Surtain was singled out by the Palm Beach Post as being a player who continues to impress the coaches and observers who watched the team practice. Brock Marion skipped practice yesterday with a minor groin strain that he suffered on Tuesday, but Tim Bowens and John Avery were on the field, working out. And Trace Armstrong was back on the field after leaving early Tuesday because of dehydration.

Also of note, the Dolphins worked on a new snap count for the offense that will go with the new offense that JJ and Kippy Brown are installing this summer.

** Jerry Wilson Has Surgery

Cornerback Jerry Wilson had a second surgery on his knee in less than a month yesterday to remove a blood clot that may have formed as a result of the original surgery. The surgery yesterday was successful and he should be completely healed in time for regular training camp to open in late July.

** Dolphins Discuss Jones and Skrepenak

The coaching staff has been having discussions about a number of veterans that were released around the league beginning on Monday when the June 1st salary cap deadline passed. The two most prominent names discussed were linebacker Robert Jones, who was released by the Rams and offensive lineman Greg Skrepenak, released from by Panthers.

Jones was originally drafted by JJ in the first round of the 1992 draft and started for him as middle linebacker in his rookie season. He has been to 3 SuperBowls and was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1994.

Skrepenak was picked in the second round of the 1992 draft by the Raiders and progressed with them to become a starting tackle in his 4th season. He was the signed as a free agent by the Panthers and started all 32 regular season games that he was with the Panthers at right guard.

JJ did say that the team was not interested in either Bryan Cox or Vinny Testaverde. He said that if the Dolphins did not have Dan Marino or Craig Erickson, he would consider Testaverde.

My Comments:

We all know that Dan Marino has been the most valuable player on the Dolphins since about 1983, so there really isn't much point in giving him another award to emphasize that fact. I think that OJ was a good selection and hopefully he will act as a mentor and example this year to the young guys.

In addition to Dan, OJ and Jason Taylor, Shawn Wooden was given the Community Service Award for his work around the city of Miami. It's hard to imagine how he has enough time for all this work, but the press release says that Wooden has been active with the with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs, Daily Bread Food Bank, United Way and Habitat for Humanity.

The team could use some more Shawn Woodens.

The news on Jerry Wilson is not encouraging, but as long as he's healthy by the end of July, he should be able to compete in training camp. Last year, Wilson was especially valuable on special teams and as a blitzing cornerback and actually worked his way into the starting nickel back slot by the end of the year.

And yesterday, I pointed out that Robert Jones and Greg Skrepenak were the most interesting of the free agent releases that I had seen so far.

Naturally, today I read in the Herald that the Dolphins are looking at these two players with some interest. You don't suppose JJ has time to surf the web, do you?


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