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Dolphins News: Dotson Waived
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Dolphins News: Dotson Waived
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Team News

Nov 19, 1997: -- Dotson Waived --

The Dolphins announced yesterday that they have waived fullback Dewayne Dotson. Dotson was originally signed by Miami back in 1994 as a linebacker and played in 15 games in 1995 for Miami, although he didn't start as a linebacker.

In 1996, he was switched to fullback and eventually cut from the team, but he was re-signed in 1997 as a fullback and made the team as a backup to Stanley Pritchett. He started 2 games this year after Pritchett went down with a knee problem, but did not perform all that well.

In related injury news, fullback Stanley Pritchett is expected to return to practice this week for the first time since he injured his knee in the second game of the year. JJ has said that he doesn't expect Pritchett to be able to play this weekend against the Patriots, however.

Derrick Rodgers will play against the Patriots this weekend, although he may not start. He was running well before the Monday night game against the Bills, but he was scratched at game time. He is expected to play 20-25 snaps against the Patriots and be used as a pass rusher.

And Jerry Wilson, who had moved into the dime defensive back slot, should be also be able to play against the Patriots on Sunday. Wilson injured his knee against the Bills, but the injury is much less severe than was originally thought. An MRI given yesterday showed only a contusion.

My Comments:

The signing and play of Roosevelt Potts this week made Dewayne Dotson expendable and JJ wasted no time in releasing him. It's just the business of football, of course, and it could be that JJ is doing him a favor in the long run, but it's always a little sad when the underdogs who made the team are cut.

The news on Pritchett is encouraging, but it does raise the question of who will end up being the starter once Pritchett is back and healthy. At first glance, Potts seems to be a better fit for the type of offense that JJ likes to run. JJ has been singing the praises of Daryl Johnston all year and Potts looks more like a Daryl Johnston player than Stanley Pritchett does.

The Dolphins do need Rodgers back for the game against the Patriots, if only to rush the passer. Bledsoe can be deadly, but he can also be completely rattled by a strong pass rush.

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