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Dolphins News: Mike Crawford; Jim Kitts Sign With Dolphins
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Dolphins News: Mike Crawford; Jim Kitts Sign With Dolphins
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Team News

Oct 01, 1997: -- Mike Crawford; Jim Kitts Sign With Dolphins --

ESPN is reporting this afternoon that the Dolphins have signed linebacker Mike Crawford from the practice squad back on to the regular squad. Crawford was a 6th round draft choice of the Dolphins this year and made it all the way through training camp, only to be cut and placed on the practice squad after the first game against the Colts.

Fullback Jim Kitts was also signed to the regular roster today. Kitts, a 6'2", 243 pound player from Ferrum college, was on the Washington Redskins squad this summer, but was cut in August. Last year, he played with the Albany Firebirds of the Arena Football League, where he was both a linebacker and a fullback.

Both these players were signed mainly to help fill in gaps on special teams, although Kitts will probably get a chance to compete at fullback.

The Dolphins also signed offensive lineman Ron Collins to the practice squad. Collins is a 6'5", 289 pound offensive guard from Fresno State who was with the Indianapolis Colts this summer, but was cut at the end of training camp. Even though he was listed as a guard on the official NFL website, he played left tackle for the Colts this summer.

My Comments:

When Ronnie Ward went down, the Dolphins were left with only 5 linebacker on the regular roster and it makes sense to bring back Crawford, even though he probably won't make much of a contribution. Mostly, if he gets to play at all, it will likely be on special teams.

I know next to nothing about Jim Kitts, other than he played "Iron Man" football in the AFL - the Arena Football league. He was good enough to survive the summer in Redskins training camp, but is probably just a place holder until Stanley Pritchett returns.

Ron Collins is just a warm body to take up space during practice so that the real players can get a rest now and then.

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