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Dolphins News: First Free Agent Offer Made
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Dolphins News: First Free Agent Offer Made
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Team News

Feb 20, 1997: -- First Free Agent Offer Made --

** Dolphins Make Offer to WR Kevin Williams

The Dolphins have offered their first free agent contract of the year to wide receiver Kevin Williams, who is another of Jimmy Johnson's former players. Williams played at the University of Miami before being drafted in the 2nd round by Dallas in 1993.

Williams, at 5'9" and 194 lbs, had his best year in 1995, when he caught 38 passes for 613 yards. In one game against Arizona in 1995, he had 9 catches for 203 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also returns kickoffs and can return punts. He returned a kick for a touchdown against the Dolphins in the infamous "Leon Lett ice-bowl" game in 1993 in Dallas.

Williams would be a replacement for Randal Hill and/or Lamar Thomas, but is also looking at Dallas, Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

** More Free Agents Visit

Safety George Teague and Linebacker Ron George will visit the Dolphins today and according to the Miami Herald, safety Brock Marion, cornerback Dave Thomas and linebacker Mike Jones are all scheduled to visit the Dolphins next week.

Safety Brock Marion is a 4 year veteran who has started the last 2 years for the Dallas Cowboys after being drafted by them in 1993. His best year was in 1995, when he started all 16 games and had 6 interceptions and a touchdown.

Cornerback Dave Thomas was another Cowboy draftee in 1993 who is entering his 5th year in the league. Thomas is a big cornerback at 6'3" and 215 pounds who started 5 games for Jacksonville last season and had 2 interceptions during those starts.

Linebacker Mike Jones was signed by the LA Raiders in 1991 as an undrafted free agent and converted from running back to linebacker. He's played his entire season with the Raiders and has started 31 out of 32 regular season games in the last 2 years.

Of the above listed free agents, Marion will probably be the hardest to sign, since he's been a Cowboy's starter for the last 2 years. Thomas could probably be signed and even though Jones has been a starter, the Dolphins may be able to sign him because the Raiders have been spending all their money on other players.

** Dolphins Sign CB Atterberry and LB OJ Brigance

The Dolphins have signed free agent cornerback Derrick Atterberry to a 2 year contract and have re-signed linebacker OJ Brigance to a 2 year deal for undisclosed terms. Brigance played primarily on special teams last year, although he was designated the second string linebacker behind Dwight Hollier.

Atterberry is a little bigger than most of the Dolphins' defensive backs at 5'11" and 181 pounds, but still isn't as big as the Dolphins would like. Atterberry will be playing in the WLAF this spring in Amsterdam, along with 5 other Dolphins. Quarterback Spence Fischer (Scotland), linebacker Marc Lillibridge (Amsterdam), tackle Mike Sheldon (Rhein) and defensive end Oscar Sturgis (Frankfurt) will also be going to Europe to play.

** McCrary's Price Goes Sky-High

Even though Mike McCrary came to Miami first, it appears that his interest has moved on to other, greener pastures. With pass-rushers commanding big salaries in the league, McCrary's agent said yesterday that McCrary wants to sign for $2.5-$3 million a year and expects to be able to get it, possibly in Jacksonville.

My Comments:

Kevin Williams would probably be a good addition to the team and would solve the problem of whether or not to pursue Randal Hill. He could also add to the return game.

I wouldn't get my hopes up about Brock Marion, because even though he's visiting, he's likely to command more money than the Dolphins want to spend. He would be a good addition to the team, though.

I don't know much about Dave Thomas, other than he's big. I also don't know much about Mike Jones, but if he started two years for the Raiders, he can't be all bad.

The news on McCrary is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. With Chad Brown and his 13 sacks getting $4 million per year, you've got to figure that McCrary and his 12.5 sacks are worth more than just $1 million a year in this market.

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Curt Fennell, curt@phins.com, DOLFAN in New England

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