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Dolphins News: Update for Oct 26, 1995
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Last Update:
Dolphins News: Update for Oct 26, 1995


Oct 26, 1995: -- Update for Oct 26, 1995 --

The Dolphins have announced the signing of linebacker Antonio Armstrong to the active roster from the practice squad. Armstrong was signed to the practice squad last week.

To make room for Armstrong, the Dolphins have released perennial also-ran QB Doug Pederson from the regular squad.

The Dolphins have also signed defensive end Arthur Bussie and wide receiver Demeris Johnson to the practice squad.

In other news, Dan Marino participated in his first full day of practice yesterday and the word out of Miami is that he's ready to go - and that he's mad, very mad. See the ESPNet web page (at http://espnet.sportszone.com/) for a nice article about Dan and how he's feeling.

Also, the latest word is that contract talks between Marino and the Dolphins for a contract extension have stalled. The Dolphins were trying to sign Dan to an extension to reduce his salary under this year's cap and give the Dolphins some room to sign some of next year's free agents. The reported salary would have made him the highest paid player in the league.

The news on Eric Green is that he will be out for 4-6 weeks from the time of his surgery last week for cartilage damage in his knee. However, he has been upgraded from "out" to "doubtful" for this week's game against the Bills.

And in case anyone still hasn't heard, Trace Armstrong has been signed to 5 year contract extension worth a reported $8.9 million.

My Comments:

The release of Doug Pederson is becoming practically a weekly event and is relatively unimportant. I don't know anything about Antonio Armstrong, but since he's a linebacker, I wonder if he's being signed to try and give the special teams a boost.

The signing of Demeris Johnson to the practice squad is also becoming an annual event, but I don't have any information on Arthur Bussie.

The news on Marino is not surprising. Anyone who saw him on the sidelines at Sunday's game knows that he's fed up with the team's performance - just like the rest of us. He is reported to have yelled at some of his teammates on the plane back from New York for laughing after the game. He's also been - how shall I put it... a little short-tempered when speaking with the press?

The news on Eric Green is bad, but not disastrous. Without Green, the Dolphins ran effectively last Sunday and he'll be back later in the season.

Trace Armstrong's signing is not surprising, considering how effective he's been this year. IMHO, he's been the best pass-rushing defensive lineman of the Dolphins this year.

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Curt Fennell, curt@phins.com, DOLFAN in New England

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