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Dolphins News: Dan Marino Retires
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Dolphins News: Dan Marino Retires
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Team News

Mar 13, 2000: -- Dan Marino Retires --

Dan Marino has officially announced his retirement this morning from pro foobtall. In his announcement, he thanked Joe Robbie, the Robbie family, Wayne Huizenga, Don Shula, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton, OJ McDuffie, Eddie Jones, other members of the Dolphins' administrative staff, Don Strock, Marvin Demoff (his agent), the press and finally, the fans.

Dan made no mention of Jimmy Johnson and JJ was not in attendence. He was asked about that in the press conference and he said that, obviously, they had their ups and downs, but he didn't say any more than that.

He was also asked about his treatment by the Dolphins organization and he responded by saying that he has always been treated fairly and that he had no complaints or regrets.

In response to other questions from the press, Dan said that he might like to enter broadcasting, but that he was not interested in coaching ( he said "I couldn't coach the guys who play quarterback today") and that he was not interested in moving up to the Dolphins' front office at this time.

Dan did most of the speaking, but Wayne Huizenga also made a short speech. Wayne thanked Dan for all his accomplishments and officially announced that the Dolphins would retire the number 13 immediately. Wayne also announced that a street in front of the stadium would be named after Dan and that a statue would be erected at the stadium of Dan. The Dolphins will sponsor a "public celebration" for his retirement before the regular season starts.

My Comments:

I am too sad to make any personal comments right now.

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