by Chris Shashaty, Columnist

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-- Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall, in response to a question about positive takeaways from the loss to the NY Jets.



I don't think Brandon Marshall could have said it any better for me in describing a game where the Dolphins were defeated by the Jets in all three phases: Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Yes, the Dolphins fought hard to overcome a slew of errors and missed opportunities. Unfortunately that old nemesis--finishing--was problematic once again.


I also thought that Tony Sparano and his staff were outcoached by Rex Ryan and his staff, and that this had a profound effect on the game's outcome.


Some examples:


Other observations:


As disappointing as this loss was, the Dolphins still have a great opportunity to hit the season quarterpole with a nice 3-1 record and two divisional wins in hand if they can defeat the New England Patriots next Monday (8:30pm ET, ESPN). Not too shabby a situation heading into the bye week! Hopefully the Dolphins will get the job done.