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          JImmy Wilson
Miami Dolphins Civilized Discussion :  Phins.com Phorums The fastest message board... ever.
This is a moderated phorum for the CIVILIZED discussion of the Miami Dolphins. In this phorum, there are rules and moderators to make sure you abide by the rules. The moderators for this phorum are JC and Colonel
JImmy Wilson
Posted by: Jim B ()
Date: August 12, 2011 04:40PM

thumbs up Looks like this kid is a keeper.

Blitzing, hitting, and pass defending. Very aggressive with great awareness.

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: berkeley223 ()
Date: August 12, 2011 04:58PM

he's a killer

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: dolphaholic ()
Date: August 12, 2011 05:27PM


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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: Panteraize ()
Date: August 12, 2011 05:50PM

Yeah he's been makin plays all night. At a time when I've been growing concerned about our secondary, although mainly at the safety position, it's nice to see a promising young kid step in and look like a real play maker.

I mean we obviously have some bright spots and things to be positive about regarding the secondary, but I can't help but get the feeling like we give up too many big plays through the air. I mean we're really young back there and it definately shows a lot. Vontae still gives up big plays over the top, I really hope he can nip that in the bud this year, because he has such incredible upside. Sean Smith seems to have stepped up after being demoted and losing his starting position. When he would come in the game last season (sometimes covering the slot) he had been doing a nice job, but the guy HAS GOT to capitalize on those interceptions that he has been continuously good enough to generate with his coverage, but unable to hold on to with his hands.

And at safety, I really think that's a weak link that we haven't yet solidified on this team. Clemons and/or Jones seem to be chasing receivers after the catch too often, as opposed to disrupting passes, causing turnovers, or arriving when the ball gets there in order to lay the kind of hits that force incomplete passes. They're young, I get it. They have a lot of growing to do, and I'm not saying they can't help us, but I'm not sure either of them are truly great. That being said, this kid Jimmy Wilson could be something special. Way too early to know for sure, but he seems to have the makeup of a safety. His blitzing and fierce tackling, he seems more like a prowler, built for hunting like a great safety. Anyway, I'm rambling. He played well tonight, and hopefully he can turn into a big time defensive back, wherever he ends up playing in the secondary.

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Date: August 12, 2011 06:06PM

berkeley223 Wrote:
> he's a killer

LOL! Thats just wrong..........grinning smiley

But I really liked his play tonight. Go Miami!

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: DaytonaDolfan13 ()
Date: August 13, 2011 04:49AM

I told you guys ALL ABOUT this guy the day after the DRAFT.... I believe I said he could be "ED REED"esque. And you stole my line I said 'JIMMY WILSON is a KILLER PICK'!!

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: Jim B ()
Date: August 13, 2011 05:26AM

I will say this about his past...

It could have very easily been him that was killed on the that day. If things happened the way he says it happened then he should not be defined by it.

He spent 25 months in jail and was aquitted.

Until I see evidence otherwise, the kid was trying to help his aunt and a bad guy got killed.

If he makes our team, I can't wait for him to smack Tommy Brady in the mouth.

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: dolphan4545 ()
Date: August 15, 2011 09:57PM

C'mon, guys. This kid was acquitted by a jury of his peers because he acted in self defense. So, some anonymous bad guy is dead and we've got a talented young guy that we can be sure has got balls.


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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: berkeley223 ()
Date: August 16, 2011 05:08AM

ok but there is no dispute that he actually killed someone. jury found it was justifiable, be he still did it. unlike ray lewis who probably killed someone but it wasn't proven at trial

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: DaytonaDolfan13 ()
Date: August 18, 2011 04:23AM

Its a great story, could make an awesome movie!

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: realist ()
Date: August 18, 2011 02:07PM

This is also true of many decorated soldiers.

Causing the death of someone who threatens the safety and well-being of innocent weaker people is what many people are trained to do.

Would it have been better if it was a police officer who ended that man's life? yes...but only because we would would have fewer questions about if it was truly justified...or the only option.

I do not condone taking the law into your own hands, but, the boy went to help a loved family member, caused a bad man to die, was held in custody, lost out on 2 important years of youth, was acquitted, and is fighting hard to get his life on the track that he had previously been on.

I have no problem with him being a Dolphin at all!

I wish him the all the best. IN fact I hope the kid gets a lucky break here and there. I am routing for him.

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Re: JImmy Wilson
Posted by: montequi ()
Date: August 20, 2011 05:57PM

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