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The Dolphin Digest

The Dolphin Digest is a fan magazine/newspaper devoted to the Dolphins, put out by Curtis Pubishing of Miami. They publish about 26 issues a year - once a week during the preseason and regular season and 4 off-season issues. The Digest includes interviews with players and coaches, game and injury reports, and all the latest Dolphin news.

Subscriptions are priced as follows (as of 5/15/96)

	One year (26) issues   - (US)$ 39.95  
	Two years (52) issues  - (US)$ 66.95
	Three year (78) issues - (US)$ 93.95

	First Class Mail delivery - Add $35.00 per year.

	For the Dolphins' Media Guide - Add $3.00 per year for postage.
(All of the above prices are for US delivery. Canadian and Mexican subscribers should add $6.00 per year to their subscription prices)

Overseas subscriptions are also available, for the normal price of $130 (US) for one year.

The best way to subscribe is to call them at the phone number listed below. After that, you can write them at their address.

Their address is:	Dolphin Digest
			P.O. Box 526600
			Miami FL 33152-6600

	Phone No:	1-800-334-4005
                        (305) 477-1346  (FAX)
                        (305) 594-0508

IMHO, the Dolphin Digest is a must for all DolFans not living in South Florida.

Now available on-line at Dolphin Digest Online.

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